SNZB-01 Button - Zigbee 3.0


With this Zigbee button you could execute an action when you press it.

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The SNZB-01 from SONOFF is a button. This button supports three actions: single press, double press and long press. You can easily attach the button to the wall with the included double-sided tape or you can put it on the table for example. The button runs on a CR2450 battery, however this is not included.


Because the SNZB-01 works on Zigbee 3.0, you need a Zigbee hub. The suitable Zigbee hub from SONOFF is the ZB Bridge-P. The advantage of Zigbee over Wi-Fi is that it is specially designed for home automation and therefore consumes less energy, among other things. The SNZB-01 works as a Zigbee end device. Want to know more about Zigbee? Then read our blog post.


This SONOFF button can be set using your Android or iOS smartphone through the eWeLink app. The eWeLink app allows you to set which scene should be activated when the button is pressed. With a scene you can easily switch one or more devices on or off, for example you can turn on the lights and close the blinds (if you have connected them to SONOFF smart switches).

Data sheet

Protocol Zigbee 3.0
Compatible with eWeLink
Working temperature -10 to 40 °C
Working humidity 10 to 95%