ZSS-KB-TH-LF-C-MS Temperature and Humidity Sensor - Zigbee 3.0


With this Zigbee sensor you could measure the temperature and humidity.

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The MOES ZSS-KB-TH-LF-C-MS is a smart temperature and humidity sensor. This sensor thus measures both temperature in degrees Celsius and relative humidity in percent. These measurements are both displayed on the screen and reported through the app. This sensor can be placed on a table or mounted to the wall by either hanging it on a nail or sticking it to the wall with the provided double-sided tape. This temperature sensor uses a CR2032 battery, which is included. The old name of this product is MOES ZSS-KB-TH-LF-C.

Zigbee temperature sensor

This MOES temperature sensor uses Zigbee. As a result, you will need a Zigbee hub, such as the MOES MHUB-W-Q-MS, to use this smart temperature sensor.

Tuya app

You can read this temperature and humidity sensor through the MOES app, which is available for Android and iOS and is based on the Tuya platform. Therefor, you can also use the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app if you are already using it. Through this app, you can also configure this smart sensor. For example, you can configure a scene where your smart switch with a fan behind it would automatically turn on when the temperature exceeds a certain number of degrees Celsius. It is also possible to pair this app with a voice assistant, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, with which you can then use your voice to query for example the temperature.

Data sheet

Protocol Zigbee 3.0
Compatible with Tuya
Working temperature -10 to 50 °C
Working humidity 0 to 99%