S26R2ZBTPF Smart Plug - Zigbee 3.0 - Type F


With this Zigbee smart plug you could easily control for example a light bulb with your smartphone.

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Note: This product is no longer made by the manufacturer. Its successor is the SONOFF S26R2ZBTPF-CFH.

The S26R2ZBTPF from SONOFF is a smart plug. You simply plug it into your socket and then you can insert the plug of the device to be switched, such as a lamp.

Note: This version has a German type F plug and is suitable for use in the Netherlands. In Belgium, you will need the version with a French type E plug.


Because the S26R2ZBTPF works on Zigbee 3.0, you will need a Zigbee hub. The suitable Zigbee hub from SONOFF is the ZB Bridge-P. The advantage of Zigbee over Wi-Fi is that it is specially designed for home automation and therefore consumes less energy, among other things. The S26R2ZBTPF works as a Zigbee router, amplifying the Zigbee signal and thus increasing the range of your Zigbee network. Want to know more about Zigbee? Then read our blog post.


This smart adapter from SONOFF can be controlled using your Android or iOS smartphone through the eWeLink app. The eWeLink app allows you to control your SONOFF devices from anywhere, including remotely. It is also possible to set up scenes that allow you to easily switch multiple devices on or off. These scenes can be activated automatically, for example at a certain time or when motion is detected (if you also have a SONOFF motion sensor).

Not sure what SONOFF smart switch to choose? Then read our blog post.

Data sheet

Voltage 250 volt
Frequency 50 or 60 hertz
Maximum power 4000 watt
Maximum current 16 ampere
Channels 1
Protocol Zigbee 3.0
Compatible with eWeLink