How do you link eWeLink with Google Home?

With eWeLink, you can control your smart devices from SONOFF, among others, on your smartphone. This is convenient, but of course it would be even more convenient if you could simply control these smart devices with your voice. This is possible by connecting eWeLink to Google Home. This actually allows you to control these smart devices by voice on your smartphone or smart speaker through Google Assistant, Google's voice assistant. For example, you can turn on the light by saying "Hey Google, turn on the li [...]  Read more

What is eWeLink?

EWeLink is an app that allows you to control and set smart devices from SONOFF and others from your phone. The eWeLink app is available for Android and iOS and is developed by CoolKit, a sister company of SONOFF. Control Smart Devices You can control your smart devices from SONOFF and others in the eWeLink app on your smartphone. For example, you can turn on the lights or open the blinds. This can be done not only at home, but also remotely. In addition, you can set up your devices completely as you wish. [...]  Read more

How do you convert amperes and volts to watts?

Converting amperes to watts is quite simple. To do this, you do not only need the current in amperes but also the voltage in volts. You can then multiply these 2 numbers by each other to get the power in watts. Suppose your LED strip light works on 12 volts and uses 2.5 amperes, then the power is 12 × 2.5 = 30 watts. You can also use the handy tool below to convert amps to watts. Voltage volt Current ampere Power watt // How do you convert watts and volts to amperes? Besid [...]  Read more

What is the difference between a constant voltage and a constant current power supply?

You may have seen that we sell constant voltage and constant current LED power supplies and might be wondering what the difference is. The short answer is that a constant voltage power supply keeps the output voltage constant while a constant current power supply keeps the output current constant. Below we explain further what exactly this means. Constant voltage power supplies Constant voltage power supplies are the most common type of power supplies. These function as a voltage source and thus provide a [...]  Read more

How do you update the firmware of a SONOFF ZBDongle-P?

In this blog post, we are going to explain how you can update the firmware of the SONOFF ZBDongle-P. The advantage of this is that you can then control more Zigbee devices, namely as many as 200 instead of the 40 supported by the default firmware. In addition, several bugs have also been fixed, which means that for example Touchlink will then work. Updating the Zigbee dongle is done using cc2538-bsl, a Python script created by Jelmer Tiete. This however requires installing the necessary Python modules firs [...]  Read more
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