FTPC8V12-C Constant Voltage LED Power Supply - 12 Volt - 0.67 Ampere - 8.04 Watt


This compact power supply is ideal for powering 12 volt LED lighting up to 0.67 ampere.

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POS Power FTPC-C series

The FTPC-C series from POS Power are power supplies that are quite compact. This makes these LED power supplies easy to install anywhere. They are also suitable for installation on furniture made of materials with unknown flammability properties. The models starting from 30 watts contain active power factor correction (PFC), which makes the power factor of these power supplies above 0.9. These power supplies accept all European mains voltages from 180 to 264 volts, making them usable in all European countries. They also meet all safety requirements and include short-circuit protection.

Data sheet

Output voltage 12 volt
Output current 0.67 ampere
Power 8,04 watt
Line regulation ±1%
Load regulation ±2%
Tolerance ±5%
Ripple and noise 240 millivolt peak to peak
Input voltage 180 to 264 volt
Input frequency 47 to 63 hertz
Efficiency 75%
No load power consumption 0.5 watt
Power factor At least 0.5
Setup time 500 milliseconds
Rise time 25 milliseconds
Hold up time 15 milliseconds
Protection Over current, Short circuit
Working temperature -20 to 45 °C
Working humidity 45 to 85%
Storage temperature -30 to 70 °C
Storage humidity 10 to 95%